JL-types' keyboard stickers

If you are writing more than one language on your computer or typewriter, you might want to see also foreign language characters on your keyboard. You can use for this JL-types' keyboard sticker set, which contains 119 stickers (basic Latin, Finnish/Swedish, Russian, Baltic characters, punctuation marks, numbers, and special characters) or 238 stickers (119 set + stickers for all European languages using Latin, Cyrillic or Greek alphabet). Keyboard stickers are included to all JL-types' foreign language typefaces packages.

In the sticker package there are clear installing instructions.

There are two colour versions: orange red or white. The orange red stickers are clearly visible on both ordinary light and grey keyboards and also black keyboards on many laptop computers. The white stickers are better on black keyboards. The sticker size is 5,5 mm x 6 mm. This means, that stickers and the original characters on keycaps are both visible. 

In the picture you can see a fragment of the sticker sheet. On the upper left are orange stickers and right down are white stickers (these are transparent; the black backgroud is only for reference).